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Megan Gerber RD, LDN, IFNCP

Grounded Nourishment

Top Specialties:  Gut health, IBS, Celiac Disease, Autoimmune disease, Stress Management, Yoga, Detoxification, Hormone Imbalance, Women's Health

Meg Gerber RD, LDN, IFNCP is a Functional Medicine Dietitian, Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT 200) and founder of Grounded Nourishment; a private virtual nutrition practice. She specializes in chronic digestive issues and as a functional dietitian, she seeks to identify the root cause behind bodily imbalance. Meg takes an approach to gut healing that focuses on individualized, colorful nutrition and goes beyond the food to acknowledge the “elephant” in everyone's room-stress! Meg has had her own personal journey with digestive imbalance and Celiac disease and therefore is passionate about how critical our stress management is to our healing. Her approach to gut healing focuses on the importance of identifying the food that optimizes you (that you enjoy!) as well as stress management tactics that work for you for the long run. 

Accepts Telehealth: Yes (only)

Location: Massachussets


Megan Gerber Dietitian GI Celiac.jpeg
Megan Gerber RD, LDN, IFNCP: Project
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