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Marcella Saeva RPh, M.S. CNSc

Marci Farmacy

Top Specialties: digestive issues, hormone imbalances, migraines, thyroid disorders, autoimmune conditions

I am a clinical pharmacist with a masters in functional nutrition. I am also a 200-hour registered yoga instructor. With 20 years of experience, my extensive background in pharmacy has sparked my interest in addressing the underlying cause of chronic health conditions with less invasive methodologies like those involving nutrition, exercise, supplementation, and lifestyle modifications. I am passionate about helping those with chronic health conditions such as digestive issues, migraines, hormone imbalances, and certain autoimmune disorders to improve their quality of life. I am well versed in diet and lifestyle practices with a holistic approach to wellness.

Accepts Telehealth: Yes

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina


Marcella Saeva RPh, M.S. CNSc: Project
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