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Jane Schwartz, RDN

Jane Schwartz, RDN

Top Specialties: Weight loss, heart health, GI 

Jane is a registered dietitian/nutritionist, writer, entrepreneur, public speaker and  educator. She offers a holistic approach to individual and family nutrition counseling that focuses on your lifestyle as much as the food on your plate. She believes that eating should be enjoyed, cooking can be fun, and optimal health can be achieved when you make healthy eating a priority in your life.

Jane helps patients of all ages achieve their individual goals, whether they are trying to lose weight or manage a chronic health condition. She specializes in coaching individuals with these and other health conditions to live happier, healthier lives.

Accepts Telehealth: Yes

Location: Princeton, New Jersey

jane kitchen cropped - Jane Schwartz, RD
Jane Schwartz, RDN: Project
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