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Courtnay Mecca, MS, CNS, LDN

Courtnay Mecca Nutrition, LLC

Top Specialties: Digestive Health, Thyroid, Autoimmune, Women's Health

I am a virtual functional Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist and Board-Certified Nutrition Specialist that works with women to regain balance in their health.  From GI issues, to hormonal imbalance, thyroid disease, acne, headaches, and fatigue, I help women regain balance using dietary and lifestyle interventions and targeted nutrition supplementation based on each individual’s needs.

 As a busy mom of two, wife, dog mom, full time employee, and yoga instructor, I understand balance is hard to come by.  I know what it’s like to wake up feeling unrested, your bones ache from fatigue, battling daily headaches, joint pain, GI issues and barely making it through the day- let alone tending to the needs of my family.  These symptoms led me to get my Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition and Integrative Health to figure out the root cause of my symptoms.  I will work with you on uncovering and addressing the root cause of your symptoms and use an individualized approach to find a unique path to rediscover your balance in your health and wellness.

Offers Telehealth: Yes

Location: Annapolis, Maryland


Courtnay Mecca, MS, CNS, LDN: Project
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